Purchase Palestinian Products

Purchase Palestinian Products

You are sure to find items of interest at the following places where Palestinian products can be purchashed online.

  • The Palestinian Arts & Crafts Trust (PACT) is a project of the American Educational Trust that aims to supply a growing demand for Palestinian products and, in turn, to help sustain traditional industries in Palestine during their ongoing struggles.

    AET Foundation/Washington Report for Middle East Affairs is a trustworthy well respected organization which functions transparently and has been around for decades.

    accompanying article: This Holiday Season: Buy Palestinian!
  • U.S. Campaign Buy-cott
    Buy products that support the Palestinian economy. U.S. Campaign offer products in cooperation with Canaan Fair Trade at U.S. Campaign Store.
    A portion of the sale price supports their work.
  • Canaan Fair Trade
    Delicacies from the land of milk and honey
  • Twinning with Palestine
    (UK) Numerous links for products. (And twinning is a great idea!)
  • Palestine Shop All products made in Palestine.
  • Olde City Palestinian Fair Trade
  • Zazzle (two, perhaps more)
  • Cafe Press (two, perhaps more)
  • Americans United for Palestinians Human Rights AUPHR
    Support Palestinian Fair Trade Products
  • Birthright Unplugged
    Buy Palestinian products and promote their sale in your communities.
  • Olive Branch Olive Oil
    Fairly-Traded Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Palestine.
    Olive Branch Olive Oil imports fairly-traded, extra-virgin, first cold press olive oil from the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees, a non-profit, non-governmental organization supporting sustainable agriculture in rural Palestine since 1983.
  • Sunbula
    Empowering Palestinian artisans by promoting traditional crafts.
  • Folk Art Mavens
    Handcrafted Gifts from around the world.
    "All of the products in this online shop were produced in the occupied territories, unless otherwise indicated."
  • Palestine Online Store
  • Dr. Bronner's Soap
    Informative, interesting video at the site.
    "In early 2007, Dr. Bronner’s began sourcing 90% of our olive oil needs from Palestinian producers near the West Bank town of Jenin. "
  • Holy Land Task Force
    Buy Palestinian Products.
  • Shop in Palestine.
  • Zaytoun
    Olives and olive oil.
  • Support Palestinian Products
    Sources for Olive Oil
  • Aseela
    Olive Oil Soap from Palestine, from Aseela Women's Cooperative, is sold through Sunbula website.
  • Also
    • Arab American National Museum Store

    • ANERA
      Donations can always be made to ANERA, a trustworthy well respected organization which has been around for many decades. ANERA functions transparently - posts annual financial reports on the site. There is an Accountability and Transparency page at the site. "Accountability and Transparency build trust"

    • Interesting article Swiss Help Put Palestinian Produce on the Table "A Swiss-sponsored project is for the first time bringing together producers and retailers to try to change the negative perceptions of Palestinian products and help farmers raise their share of the local market."