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Links and Resources

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The US Campaign to End the Occupation

Breaking the Silence Organizes tours of the Hebron and South Hebron Hills area. Breaking the Silence is a group of Israeli soldiers and reservists who speak publicly about their actions in the military.

Combatants for Peace This organization of former combatants from both sides of the conflict organizes tours in East Jerusalem and volunteer opportunities, including helping Palestinians safely work in their agricultural fields.  Members of the organization are also available as speakers for groups.  Contact them via their website.

Friends of Sabeel Organizes tours that focus on nonviolence projects and assisting during the olive harvest.  The tours also focus on Christian sites.  Contact, (503)653.6625.

Interfaith Encounter Association An organization that meets regularly for interfaith dialogue.  They organize educational tours to sites of relevance to each of the three monotheistic religions. Contact

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions runs tours of East Jerusalem, as well as a ten-day study tour in the summer in which participants meet with Palestinian and Israeli speakers and tour key sites in the conflict. Contact for tours of East Jerusalem, and for information on the 10-day study tour.

Educational Materials about Israel/Palestine

Resources from If Americans Knew A wealth informational booklets, flyers/cards, and posters, and media analyses, some of which can be mailed (minimal donation request), others downloaded and printed

Resources from NOLAPS Excellent resources from a teach-in on Lebanon, Palestine, and the Middle East hosted by New Orleans Palestine Solidarity (NOLAPS) and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of New Orleans in commemoration of 60 Years of Nakba.


ReliefWeb - Latest oPT Maps July 2008 to 28 January 2009
17 Maps at UNISPAL from 1945 through 2007
1949 armistice line (from )
The Foundation for Mideast Peace - full of maps, charts, reports etc.
for example: West Bank Final Status Map Presented by Israel- May 2000.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
West Bank Closure and Access (downloadable)
CAP 2006 - Revised Emergency Appeal  May 2006

Links to background on Al-Nakba

Links and Reading List from Palestine Solidarity Committee - Seattle